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-Vietnamese bloggers attacked by “gangster agents”

Posted by ttxcc2 trên 14/07/2012


Dân Làm Báo gửi đến các bạn trong thôn bản tiếng Anh về vụ việc công an côn đồ hành hung các bloggers của chúng ta. Mong các bạn tiếp tay email, chuyển đến các cơ quan, tổ chức, cá nhân cũng như trên các trang blog, diễn đàn, FB, Tweet. Dân Làm Báo cũng gửi bản báo cáo này đến các cơ quan nhân quyền và truyền thông quốc tế. 
On July 1, 2012, Blogger Vi Hoang Nguyen participated in a demonstration against China, where she was interrogated and illegally arrested by Vietnamese national security agents. After the incident, she was followed daily by secret agents who captured photographs of her every move. Friday, July 13, 2012, was no exception. The secret agents trailed behind her as she visited her mother in the hospital and continued to follow as she attended a birthday party for her friends. 
About 50 Vietnamese bloggers, including Vi Hoang Nguyen, were gathered at Huong Dong Restaurant 4 (Binh Thanh District, Saigon) to celebrate the birthdays of bloggers Tien Kim Trinh, Trang Dem, and Hang Minh Bui. During the party, approximately 20 secret agents disguised as gangsters arrived around the bloggers, eavesdropping on their conversations and secretly taking pictures of them. The bloggers remained calm and enjoyed the party because they were so familiar with the tricks of the secret agents who had terrorized them every day.
At about 10:30PM, after giving Tien Kim Trinh, Hang Bui, and Trang Dem birthday wishes and gifts, the group members said goodbye to each other and headed their separate ways.
After they left the party, the car of Vi Hoang Nguyen, Hang Bui, Lee Nguyen, Quyet Le and Mrs. Tan Thi Duong (blogger Dieu Cay’s wife) was immediately followed by eight secret agents. As their car rolled onto Dinh Tien Hoang St, Binh Thanh District, Saigon, the secret agents drove closely behind, forced the car to reduce its speed, and then smashed the back window on the passenger side. Hang Bui, Lee Nguyen, and Vi Hoang Nguyen were seated in the back seat and were injured by sharp, broken glass. These injuries included serious bleeding, particularly for Vi Hoang Nguyen on her arms, legs, and face.
The smashed window of the car
Blogger Vi Hoang Nguyen
Facing a life-threatening situation, Quyet Le, who was driving the car, decided not to stop. He figured that it was best to continue until they had found a police station to ask for help. The eight “gangster agents” still followed them closely. When he stopped next to the sidewalk to ask local people for directions to the police station, the eight “gangsters” smashed the rear window (backglass). The innocent bystanders were terrified of the brutal actions of these agents and dared not to help or get involved.
When overhearing one blogger ask a bystander where the police station was located, one of the eight “gangsters” answered, “I am a police agent, just go ahead and call the police!”
The bloggers kept looking for a nearby police station. When the car drove by the Vietnamese People Army Base Number 7 on Hoang Van Thu Street, Tan Binh District, Saigon, the bloggers stopped the car at the front entrance and asked the guards for help. Two soldiers came out and asked them for their story. Meanwhile, the “gangster agents” did not leave the scene. They continued to stalk the group of bloggers from behind and used a cell phone to contact someone for unknown reasons.
After a moment, the supervisor of the army base came out and told the bloggers that he had notified the police. He stated that this matter should be resolved by police, not the soldiers at the army base. They did not want to get involved in the situation.
The group continued to drive home while still being followed by the agents. Due to a safety issue concerning Hang Bui, the group decided to stop at a nearby hotel to let her stay there overnight. The rest of the bloggers went home with some bloody injuries and bruises.
Blogger Hanh Nhan and attorney Luat Tran Le were also followed that night by the “agents,” but they drove around and around until they finally lost the “gangsters.”
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  • Wi Spik Inglish

    I feel sorry for what has happened to the victims in the assault. But damn, I couldn’t believe that for the whole time of the party from the start till the end, no one of you guys was able to take photos of those stupid cops (?)

    If I were you guys, I’d have screamed aloud “Cướp. Cướp. Cứu tôi với” when the cops were tailgating your car and the situation wouldn’t have been that bad.

  • Tranphat258

    We should overturn this regime soon. I hope UN will pay closer attention on what happens in vietnam not only democracy but safety of activists. Sooner or later, VietNam communist will collapse , meanwhile, we should convince our dear friends being safe. Now, we just spread these dirty evidences to global, so no one do not know what viet nam  communist call the democracy and freedom. Your actions will make viet nam what it will be in future.

  • hư cả lủ

    Cần tổ chức biểu tình rộng khắp trong và ngoài nước để phản đối an ninh côn đồ CS và giặc nội xâm tham nhũng. Các phong trào ở Mỹ, Úc hãy dẫn đầu.

  • IlluminatiMINDCONTROL

    Vietnam is a country hell.
    God bless you

  • Tim Le

    A terrible attack planned and launched by plain-clothes cops of Vietnam on their people.

    I strongly condemn the invasive policing tactic of Vietnam that has no regard for civil liberties.

  • Ngụy Cộng Sản

    i like this entry

  • Clifornia

    The communists can do anything, even raping or murdering. Upload this article and the photos to as many English websites as possible, so that more readers would learn the story. Down with communism the slaughter of Vietmamese people.

  • Stand up

     They are not gangsters .They are real polices and undercover agents .They get the orders and supports by Government of Vietnam .
    They are the communists , the killers.

  • Hoaidung

    viet cong is the master of terrorists, three’s no surprise of what they’ve been doing to their felows. But Why? where are the good vietnameses? where are the good polices? The “black gansters” and the “red gansters” are the same, aren’t they? If so, stupidly, the vietnamese society has been collapsing slowly!

  • Gossip

    the title would capture more attention if you change it to ” Vietnamese bloggers attacked by secret police”. you guys need to email it along with all the pictures to all the foreign embassies and media outlets such as Reuters, Afp, Cnn, etc…..

  • Huy Nguyen

    Gởi bài này cho BBC và Đại sứ quán Mỹ tại VN đi.

  • Lu Van La Em

    If you, the Vietnamese could not turn into or rely on your own government’s help to solve this such a simple problem, then no one else could help you at all, but you yourselves.

    This is a good time for you to start to arm yourselves again , and you should together stand up aganst these kinds of action
    The Vietnamese are very famous for this . I beleive you could do it!

  • Lu Van La Em

    This is out of my imagination, and these Vietnamese Agents are the worst of all worst!.
    I don’t believe that there’s stil  such  a kind of human beings’ behavior ever been existed on earth. These are acts of animals and they all should be punished!.

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